Spiritual Education and Guidance of Jean Christian
To contact Jean Christian for sessions or book orders please leave a message at 250-847-1915
or email her at jean.s.christian@gmail.com.

Spiritual Education and Guidance of Jean Christian

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Passage from Jean Christian

Welcome to The Spiritual Education and Guidance of Jean Christian.

Jean Christian is a conscious channel committed to the highest purpose and source. To further awareness and nurture consciousness of the true nature that is the center of all beings, is the one and only intention of her work.

Jean draws down vital information and teachings to her channeled guidance sessions, meditation retreats, meditation circles and into her three books Becoming Truth, Cycles of Wisdom and Tapestry of a Soul.

Learn more about Jean Christian Spiritual Guidance through her new book Becoming Truth available for purchase through Trafford Publishing.

Contact Information

Contact Jean Christian by Phone (preferred) (250)-847-1915
or Email:

Mailing Address:
PO Box #3051
Smithers BC
V0J 2N0